Enjoy an allocated position

For those looking to build a regular clientele
Sell direct and save as a permanent stall holder.

Are you a trader, baker, maker or grower? Want to sell your wares without fuss?

Want to sell direct to the public without high rent and other overheads? Become a permanent stall holder at the Lizard Log Markets in Abbotsbury.

Conveniently located at the Western Sydney Parklands, our permanent stall holders enjoy a regular crowd plus curious tourists as part of the weekend trade.

That’s why we offer:

Pain-free lease

Lizard Log Markets admin is simple so that you can start selling fast. Take on a permanent position with us. There are no setup fees, no hidden surprises and all the flexibility you need to make your market stall work for you.

Ease of payment

Make your stall fees work for you. Commit to our monthly payment scheme and enjoy a discount. Or pay your hire fees week-by-week. Pay one fee direct to Tresbase and it covers your fees, insurance, parking and incidentals.

Early entry

Get organised and ready for the happy, hungry and excited market goers. Skip the queues, bypass the traffic and be the early seller that gets the golden worm! You can access the Lizard Log market site from 6:00am onwards to setup in style.

Designated stall

Be exactly where your loyal customers expect you to be week to week. Help them remember your tasty treats and fabulous finds by being where they expect in your very own permanent stall. Never miss a sale to a competitor.

A dedicated farmers market

We know we have a large array of fresh produce and artisan foods in Eastern Creek, Kemps Creek and surrounding regions. Forget fighting the supermarket duopoly and feed the people direct at our farmers market.

Free promotion

Forget about your own marketing efforts. The Lizard Log markets community follow our social media and website for all the information they need. That way, you can sit back and relax and benefit from all our marketing.
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Information for Permanent Stall holders

Stall pricing

  • $75 per week for standard size stalls. Approx 5m width x 5 depth.
  • For those who need a larger or smaller sized stall, please contact us.
  • There are no extra fees for insurance.

Paying for your stall

Choose to pay the way you want.

  • Pay by cash or card.
  • Want the flexibility to pay as you go? Pay week-by-week

Entry times and attendance

  • Enjoy early entry and luxurious setup times from 6:00am
  • As a permanent stall holder, your stall site is held until 7:30am each week
  • If for some reason you are unable to make a week, please make contact so we can re-allocate your stall for that week

Please note: Due to the popularity of the markets, any stall holder who books and does not arrive by 7:30am will lose their place. 

What food can I sell at the markets?

As a permanent stall holder, you can apply to bring your food truck to Lizard Log Markets. This is subject to approval and is based on the rules and regulations set down by The NSW Food Authority

All food stalls who prepare/cook food on-site are required to be compliant with NSW Food Authority and local council regulations.

Please send us details of your food stall and the following certificates:

  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate
  • Insurance

Please note: These regulations do not apply to the sale of pre-packaged baked goods and the like.

Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events

NSW Food Authority’s Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles

Want to get into the fine details? Check out our FAQ for more information.
Ready to join the bustling marketplace that is Lizard Log Markets?

The Lizard Log Markets are another second-hand market and family-friendly entertainment service brought to you by Tresbase, owner operators of the famed Blacktown Drive-In Markets. Tresbase has been bringing the people of Western Sydney an eclectic and ever-changing array of preloved goods, farm fresh produce and great family times since 1985. Uncover the fun with things to do in Fairfield via the Lizard Log Markets.

1521 The Horsley Drive, Abbotsbury


(02) 9747 1986


Open Saturdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm